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Saturday, April 11, 2009

SBI PO Experience - Vineet Paliwal

Written Exam Experience : SBI 2008 : Vineet Paliwal

  • Went really well, attempted about 55-60 percent in each section , well and if I do remember my maximum attempts were in Quant , GK , English and then reasoning . 
  • Again I feel deciding factor is Gk and Maths as I scored and attempted most in both of them ( quant almost 80 percent but ga wud be 70%)
  • Was totally on strategy by me.
  • First I attempted about 27 out of 50 in DI , then took reasoning and attempted 30-35+ out of 50 , then in last half and hour or so attempted Marketting 30-35 out of 50 and English in last 15-20 mins with good attempts of 35-40. 
  • Accuracy in each case was different : DI 95 %, Reasoning 90%, Marketting Knowledge 75-80%, English 80%

Tips for the Aspirants: 

  • Here you should develop habit of leaving time consuming questions especially in DI and Reasoning and should try to attempt maximum with decent accuracy.
  • As I have shown that my DI attempts were minimum but accuracy paid overall. Similarly in Reasoning also some questions of coding decoding like where + means > types shud be cautiously attempted.
  • However my advice is, time management should be like 40 mins for Quant/Di , 40mins for reasoning, 20mins for GK/marketing knowledge and 20 mins. for English. ( In SBI English is not merely qualifying so if you are good in it, do score and attempt more)

My Sources for Preparation: 
  • Maths and Reasoning : R.S. Agarwal
  • G.K. : BSC, Pratiyogita Darpan/CSR/Manthan and Frontline magazine.
  • English : Read the Hindu regularly.
  • Marketing: Summary of Philip Kotler (if you have time) Else BSC's Marketing Knowledge and the internet. 

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