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Sunday, April 12, 2009

GD-PI Experience - SBI PO - Gaurav

GD Topic : 
"The benefits of economic growth is negated by the increase in population" (45 min GD) 

They clearly mentioned on what guidelines they are going to judge.

1. They clearly said the preferred language will be English, but if anybody is not comfortable with english he/she may use hindi as well.
2. They were looking for co-operativeness, patience, presentation, quality of points, and they said we dont have to conclude leave the gd as it is, after the 45 time what so ever be the case. Then also one of the fellow member concluded the GD.....

Then interview....very few questions were direct they were asking me more of discussion based questions..that was the point where I had a very good chance to Prove my language , my confidence and presenatation skills.......

  • Panel member 1 :
1.Introduce yourself.
2.Can u tell me something about UCO Bank.
3.Who is the CMD of UCO Bank?
4.Then he said tell me about the financial problems which
india is facing and why?
5.Which sectors are badly affected?(I said IT, automobile,jewellery)
6.And one more sector. What is common between
coimbatore, jalandhar, south region... I was not able to answer, then he himself said Textiles. 
7.What are the steps RBI is taking to improve the financial condition?
8.Then he asked me to how will the steps improve the condition.
9.What is PPP?
10. Which foreign community has done a lot of business in
11. What is the new name of

  • Then he passed on to the next panel member.
1.What are the challenges India is facing in Power Sector?
2.Then he turned to Nuclear power. what will be its percentage share by 2050
.. mujhe kya pata...but i said by 2011 it will be double of what it is right now. 2050 kisne dekha hai 
3.Which is the cheapest source of energy?
4.If you will become the Power minister what reforms will u bring in it.
5.Then he asked me one more question related to my answer.

Answered these questions in a very effective manner.....and remember when ever you answer any question try to look into eyes of the interviewer , you can judge his reaction, like at many points you will feel that he is looking for some more explanation then go ahead, he may or may not ask every time. You have to judge it urself sometimes.

Like cheapest source wala questions. I said nuclear energy , then his eyes demanded more explanation then I said, the installation cost is high but after the break even point it becomes the cheapest source. Did not answer here wind energy because that is not available every where and moreover the discussion was going on nuclear thermal and hydro energy.

  • Then he passed on to the next member... This guy was IPS officer. He was staring at me.
 1.So you are from MP..Yes what is pachmari.....
2.Have u ever been to that place
3.How many places u have visited in MP
4.When did
india become republic? 
5. When did five year plans start?
6.Which is better place kolkata or
bhopal and why?
7.DO u miss
ur home town Bhopal and why?
  • Then next member..
1.Why MP did not progress?
2.Is ur college private what type of companies visit and why you are here for bank? 
3.Why dint u go for IES and BSNL jobs as u are from Electronics and Communication?
4.What was the procedure to get into this college?(stupid question)
5.How is
singapore economy different from India? and why it is more developed.
6. Which is a better economy...
russia or Japan and why....
Then he said  Thankyou. 

About Gaurav: 

Gaurav is an Electronics and communication engineer from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bhopal (2008 Batch). SBI was his first experience.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a nice article Sarkari Result your idea is mind blowing that's why i would like to appreciate your work.

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  3. Thanks for your post Sarkari Result I got a very good information from your site

  4. Sir GD Ke liye English language jaruri hai kyonki mera pura educational background hindi medium hai to Kya mujhe PO ke liye tyari kar ni chahiye

  5. Sir GD Ke liye English language jaruri hai kyonki mera pura educational background hindi medium hai to Kya mujhe PO ke liye tyari kar ni chahiye


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