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Saturday, April 11, 2009

SBI PO Experience (II) - Vineet Paliwal

GD-PI Experience : SBI 2008 : Vineet Paliwal


  • Panel of 4 moderators out of which one was initiator , other observer , one psycologist and one excellent in english to hindi translator.
  • Well each of us was allowed to speak initially at random and then afterwards, they allowed us to go for official discussion. Went well, people spoke really well.
  • But then came the final word of initiator abt gandhian philosophy leaving all of us chastised as if we were totally misinterpreting gandhi ji so that was it.

1) Tell us about yourself
2) Why banking after merchant navy
3) Types of pollutions
4) Hobbies
5) What are NPA's and what could you do to reduce them as an individual
6) Roles of RBI
7) Why SBI
8) Family Background
9) Recent news which interested you and why
10) Lastly given a preference to serve where will you serve in rural or urban area and why.

So they only look for ur confidence level , body language , way of presentation and very very important uour etiquettes and officer like qualities. 

About Vineet: 

Vineet is a BSc Nautical Science graduate from Mumbai University with a work ex of more than 5 years in merchant navy.

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