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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oriental Bank of Commerce : Interview Experience : Ankoor

GD-PI Experience : OBC 2008 : Ankoor

      1.  Which is the oldest bank, biggest bank?
2. How many atm,branches does OBC Bank have?
3. Questions on the 3rd Quarter performance of the bank.
4. Banking Rates ( CRR,SLR, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo etc)
5. Inflation, Recession, GDP etc.
6. Questions about your native place.
7. Why do u want to join our bank?
8. Indian Economy, World Economy

Mostly all the questions were based on the above topics. My turn came at 6.15 PM as I was the 47th candidate of the day. Went in. There were 5 people total in the panel.
Only 3 of them seating in the centre asked me questions. I am pursuing my MBA ( International business and marketing)(4th Semester). So all the questions were based on International Business and Forex Banking)

Questions asked were as follows

1. What is trade deficit?
2. What is India's forex reserve?
3. What is SEZ?
4. Why companies setup Sez?
5. What are SMEs?
6. How can we increase the foreign reserve of the country?
7. What is balance sheet of the company?
8. Functions of a bank?
9. IRDP Scheme
10. Rupee closing value yesterday/GBP closing value/ Euro closing value?
11. Why I want join a bank after doing a MBA?
12. Land required to setup a SEZ ?

About Ankoor: Ankoor has done  B.Com Honours from Gauhati University and is currently pursuing MBA with Specialization in International Business and Marketing.

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