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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to Prepare - II

Now that we know our objective and the tools, lets see how should we go about it. 

Genereal Knowledge (50-75) :  In GK, as one of my friend says and I believe, CSR i.e. Competition Success Review (or Pratiyogita Darpan) is your Holy Bible. CSR comes once a month. Ideally, you should be thorough with the CSR issues upto 6 months before the exam but if you are low on time or just plain lazy, 3 months is a must to cross the sectionals for the section. And you better be consistent in reading that newspaper daily. 

Bank PO GK questions won't ask you the headlines, the questions are varied but they usually have a lot to do with the Govt's doings. Like the stimulus given by the Govt to different sectors, raising of FDI limits in some sector or the launch of some social welfare scheme etc. etc.

Reasoning (50-75): Well, reasoning is all about practice. These exams usually have a certain kind of reasoning questions that are repeated everywhere so get hold of a few papers, find out the pattern and practice them. There are usually 75 Reasoning questions with around 10-15 of them being the figure based 'What comes next' type.

Quantitative Aptitude or Maths (50): Like reasoning, maths too needs practice basically. Question usually consist of calculative ones and the Data interpretation (DI) ones.

English usage (50): An area, that like GK, is the nemesis of a quite a few. What comes has already been highlighted in the previous post. For RC you need to understand the passages and then answer only those you are sure of. Start working on your vocabulary as that isn't developed in a day. Same is the case if you are no friends with Grammar. 

Computer Awareness (50): This section will not be found in all but you still need to be in touch as Banks expect you to have the basic computer knowledge. The paper usually consists of questions on basic computer and networking technology, internet and viruses, operating systems and files and servers and so on. 

As far as the Descriptive part of the test is concerned, just read the newspapers and the magazines suggested and work on your writing skills (if you are not comfortable or confident about it). and that should be enough.


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