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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everything about PO (Probationary Officers)

Probationary Officers  or PO as they are normally known are the entry level positions for graduates in banks. Banks require hundreds of POs every year and as such normally, you would find openings coming out from one or the other bank every now and then.  

What does a Probationary Officer do ?

A Probationary officer when recruited usually has to pass a probation period of two years (1 year someplaces). What profile he gets to work on after completion of this period depends on his performance during the probation. A PO usually performs the common day to-day tasks during his probation period. The aim is to familiarise him with the functions of the bank as mostly if a candidate stays long enough, he becomes a Manager and for that he needs to know every detail about the bank. 

How to Get in  ?

Banks come out with openings for Probationary officers every now and then, keep a tab on the blog to know about the latest openings. 

The Procedure : 

The procedure is usually common for most of the banks which is a 2-phase selection process. 

Tier-I : 
The first step is a Written Test which comprises of an Objective and a Descriptive test. 

  • Objective Test : Here you are tested on :  General Knowledge ; Quantitative Aptitude ; Reasoning ;  English Usage ; Computer Awareness (Found in some of the banks only). You have to pass the sectional cut-off of each section to pass the test. 
  • Subjective Test : After the Objective test, on the same day usually, you have to go through a subjective test where you have to present your views on a few topics that range from current politics, Indian/World economy to  problems facing the country and so on.
Tier-II : 

Those candidates who qualify the written test are then called for GD (Group Discussion) and PI (Personal Interview). Note that GD is not take by all of the banks but Interview is and usually consist of questions on your life, objectives, education, family and also on variety of random topics like politics, economy, bank terms etc. 

Salary or Pay : 

The present pay package that is declared by most of the banks is this : 


This is under revision following the sixth pay commission but until something comes out, please take the above grade as the standard. 

How to Prepare : 

Preparing for a Bank-PO exam is not rocket science but neither is it a cakewalk. The most important thing is consistency in your preparation. You have to scourge for previous papers (fortunatel, you will find all you need ,right here) solve them, identify your weak areas and then strengthen them. Keep a tab on the blog for the papers and tips and tricks on how to solve some common type of Questions that frequesnt all PO exams. 

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